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Fundraising Christmas Lights

by Claire Ganthony

Every year, the Dawes family at the farm just below Chadwick Nick puts on a display of Christmas lights that brightens up every journey down The Common.
What you might not know is that they put in all this effort to help raise money for local children’s charities.
Nicola Dawes-Hamp says, ‘We would like to say a big thank you to everyone who gave to our Christmas Light Fund in 2018. We raised £50 from donations and were able to give a further £150 thanks to a generous donation from sofa company HSL. The money went to the BIG APPEAL at Nottingham Children’s Hospitals.
‘We put up the display every year for local children to enjoy and to enable us to raise money for children’s charities.’
This year’s collection (a box at the front of the house which is emptied nightly) will start on 12 December and will again go to the BIG APPEAL.
Enjoy the display and please give generously if you can.

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