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Nothing Rhymes with Crich

by Claire Ganthony

Cover of book, Nothing Rhymes with Crich

I had the pleasure of reading an advance copy of Martyn Offord’s book. Although, in my youth, I was brought up on a diet of books by Dennis Wheatley and John Creasy before graduating to the dizzy heights of Ken Follett and Ian Rankin, I was not ‘a-verse’ to trying a book of poems!
This collection of Martyn Offord’s poetry I found most enjoyable – as I did his previous book, Little Rhymes with Crich. Many of the poems are concerned with Crich Parish and what’s happening in our community, and are written with a light hand and humour. Several had me laughing out loud. I found myself in total agreement with his concerns about some of the anti-social issues which affect us all.
The book contains 84 poems. All profits from its sale will go to support Daycare at the Glebe Field Centre. It will make an excellent stocking-filler, or present to be sent to Crich friends and relatives who’ve moved away, as a reminder of our community. That said, I’ll be keeping my copy with my own collection and returning for a browse when I need something to cheer me up.
Nothing Rhymes with Crich is available at the Glebe Field Centre, price £6.50.

Peter Patilla

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