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  • Crich Standard Calendars now reduced in price

    06 January 2020 Crich Standard Calendars now reduced in price

    The few remaining 2020 Crich Standard calendars are now available at a reduced price.

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  • (Climate) change? Why change? Things are bad enough already

    30 December 2019 (Climate) change? Why change? Things are bad enough already

    Amber Valley Borough Council has declared a Climate Emergency, and in various conversations around the village I’ve been encouraged to learn of people’s increasing interest in the whole climate change and environmental awareness issue. Potentially there are many things that could be done...

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  • The pupils say thanks! at Crich Junior School

    29 December 2019 The pupils say thanks! at Crich Junior School

    In Crich, we are incredibly lucky to have a large number of volunteers, who come into school to share their wealth of knowledge and expertise and to spend time with our children, whether it is to listen to them read, help with the gardening, go swimming on Fridays, teach them songs for our shows or come in and knit. 

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  • Our vital volunteers at Crich Infant School

    28 December 2019 Our vital volunteers at Crich Infant School

    Volunteers play an important part in the life of our school, enhancing what we can offer to the children. We are always grateful to those who give their time to listen to the children read. The volunteers enjoy hearing the children and seeing their skills grow and develop over time. The family members who come on school trips with us enable these visits to take place and allow us to undertake these opportunities for learning outside of the school.

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  • Join the Whatstandwell Social Club

    27 December 2019 Join the Whatstandwell Social Club

    All the events organised by the Whatstandwell Social Club are entirely manned by volunteers. The core of committee members is helped out by friends, relatives and villagers from around the parish. The idea is to put on events which benefit villagers as well as the wider community, and importantly, to have fun doing it!

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  • Fritchley Village Hall offers free use to volunteers

    26 December 2019 Fritchley Village Hall offers free use to volunteers

    We know from experience that it can be daunting to take on organising an event – if there are costs involved and you don’t know how many people will turn up, it can seem risky. We’d like to offer anyone from the local area who’s thinking about starting up a community activity, or running a not-for-profit event, a period of free use of the hall to get their activity off the ground.

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  • Happy Christmas from all at Crich Standard

    23 December 2019 Happy Christmas from all at Crich Standard

    Wishing you a peaceful and happy Christmas and much joy in 2020. A report on carol singing round the tree from Geoff Brown.

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  • New Yoga Classes at Sawmills Village Hall

    17 December 2019 New Yoga Classes at Sawmills Village Hall

    New classes starting 7 January 2020. Yoga is an holistic practice that benefits the health and wellbeing of the mind, body and emotional (spiritual) aspects of our being. Often in life we can feel fragmented and unbalanced causing our bodies to feel strained and tired, our minds unable to think clearly and our emotional or spiritual self to feel unsettled, restless and even dissatisfied with our lives. Yoga helps to unite our entire being so that we feel whole and completed therefore improving not only our physical health but also our emotional and mental health.

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  • Boldly Coming!

    15 December 2019

    New production at the Glebe in March

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  • Daycare at the Glebe

    13 December 2019 Daycare at the Glebe

    Find out about volunteering at Daycare at The Glebe.

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Nothing Rhymes with Crich

by Claire Ganthony

Cover of book, Nothing Rhymes with Crich

I had the pleasure of reading an advance copy of Martyn Offord’s book. Although, in my youth, I was brought up on a diet of books by Dennis Wheatley and John Creasy before graduating to the dizzy heights of Ken Follett and Ian Rankin, I was not ‘a-verse’ to trying a book of poems!
This collection of Martyn Offord’s poetry I found most enjoyable – as I did his previous book, Little Rhymes with Crich. Many of the poems are concerned with Crich Parish and what’s happening in our community, and are written with a light hand and humour. Several had me laughing out loud. I found myself in total agreement with his concerns about some of the anti-social issues which affect us all.
The book contains 84 poems. All profits from its sale will go to support Daycare at the Glebe Field Centre. It will make an excellent stocking-filler, or present to be sent to Crich friends and relatives who’ve moved away, as a reminder of our community. That said, I’ll be keeping my copy with my own collection and returning for a browse when I need something to cheer me up.
Nothing Rhymes with Crich is available at the Glebe Field Centre, price £6.50.

Peter Patilla

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