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The pupils say thanks! at Crich Junior School

by Linda Philo

Children at Crich Junior School

In Crich, we are incredibly lucky to have a large number of volunteers, who come into school to share their wealth of knowledge and expertise and to spend time with our children, whether it is to listen to them read, help with the gardening, go swimming on Fridays, teach them songs for our shows or come in and knit.

Our children really appreciate these activities, which could not happen without volunteers, and we know that the staff are extremely grateful for the extra help. Here are some thoughts from the children about our volunteers:

‘I like Sue from Valley CIDS because she does assemblies and she makes me happy.’ Flora

‘Pastor Hand’s assemblies help me learn about God.’ Etty

‘When Kate Baker comes into school, she makes me feel more confident about singing.’ Jess

‘Kate helped me with my acting and encouraged me when I thought I wasn’t very good at it.’ Max

‘Steve and Denise have helped us to make our garden better.’ Tess

‘Denise helps me to pull the weeds up and I’ve learnt how to plant plants.’ Becky

‘Roger helped me to plant a pumpkin!’ Jude ‘I really like reading to the dogs (Oliver and Leila…and their owner Jackie) because it really helps.’ Abbie

‘I really liked it when Harris went on the obstacle course with us at camping.’ Lexi

‘It’s good having the governors in school because they help with everything.’ Sayuri-Nala

‘When I read to Mr Woolley, he was really nice to me.’ Ramsay

‘The reading volunteers listen carefully and help with our mistakes.’ Rosa

‘The reading volunteers, Mrs Fluff, Mrs Scott and Mr Woolley, are all kind.’ Edward

‘Mr and Mrs Dimbleby do loads of cool stuff!’ Ivy-Rose

‘I was nervous about swimming but the parent volunteers really helped me.’ Ashton

These comments are just a small sample from the ones we received from the children. So to all our volunteers, who give up their free time so generously – THANK YOU!

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