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Calm Together

by Linda Philo

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How are your anxiety levels?

Are you or someone you care about in need of some calm in this storm?

What we're all facing at the moment with Covid19 is a massive, "unprecedented" change to our normal way of living. That means many of us are struggling to know how to cope, stay calm and positive when our usual outlets, supports and habits may not be available. As sociable creatures, being without real social connection to those we love seeing and spending time with can be particularly hard. And we may be finding sharing the same space and same 4 walls with the same people equally challenging!

When we're not coping so well, we may be feeling very fearful, experiencing panic attacks, disturbed sleep, a mind that just can't seem to switch off or be catastrophising and worrying about the future. If we don't have the right tools, it can feel overwhelming. We may have no idea how to change things for the better and take control.

The idea of Calm Together is to make a regular space for you to join others like you wanting to find ways to feel better emotionally, make sense of your feelings and anxieties, relax tension that might be affecting our muscles or gut and learn easy, simple tools and practices that are tried and trusted to help our minds, our resilience, our sleep and our ability to soothe our whole nervous system. 

Sounds good?

Rachel will be offering these sessions free during the lockdown on facebook live on her Qi to Health page at 11 on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. You can watch and follow the chair-based exercises, breathing and mindfulness and message her questions. She is a health professional with 30 years’ experience of practice and study in these matters

Or on zoom you can stay in the room after for a cuppa and chat with her and whoever else is there. You are even allowed cake and biscuits...

And if you'd rather stay quiet or keep your camera off, that's ok. Just you being there may help someone else feel less alone and more normal.

This has started with Crich at the heart, but it's open to anyone you know who needs a little help at this time, or wants to stay well in body and mind. Mindfulness, breathing and relaxing have powerful health benefits for everyone and are great life skills, whatever your age you’re most welcome!
If you're new to zoom technology, it's a really simple app you use on your phone or tablet, or through the website on your computer. It's free to download and you use the link here like a key to our room.

Join Zoom Meeting 

You're welcome to arrange a test run with me personally to check it works before the actual session. Do engage help from family and friends to help too, if they know how to use it. My number is 07877320723.
Rachel x

Calm Together is free health-boosting, mind-easing, breath-slowing, resilience-inspiring session you can join on Facebook Live or on zoom starting Monday 20th April with local yoga teacher, Rachel Jennings.

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