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New Crich Community Photography Project on Facebook

by Linda Philo

view of Crich area

To help bring a bit of creativity, positivity and appreciation for the area where we live during lockdown, Laura Watkinson has set up a Facebook group where residents can share photos from their window or when out on their daily exercise with others in the community.

Laura said "The hope is that by sharing our photos we will help to share places and pictures which others may not have seen or noticed before, both to grow appreciation and interest in our area and to help bring some enjoyment to those at home who perhaps can’t go out discovering at the moment.

I’m no photographer myself but I do enjoy capturing moments, however novice they may appear! We are one community and all are welcome, both amateurs like myself and professionals."

Laura is also planning to introduce new themes every few days to keep things interesting.

Residents are advised to ensure all government advice on social distancing measures are adhered to whilst out on their daily exercise.

Click here to join Crich Area Photography Lockdown Project "A view from your window"

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