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Old Pictures of Crich and Surrounding Area

by Linda Philo

Crich market place

A new community Facebook group sharing old pictures of Crich and the surrounding area has been an instant success with residents old and new

People are not only sharing photos, but also memories, stories and experiences of life together in this wonderful community over the decades.

The Mansion House, Crich
The Mansion House, Crich

Pat Lester, who started the group said

“I have always been interested in local history, love old pictures and have been collecting pictures where and when I can.

Back in the 80s I did a Crich then and now calendar which I sold to raise funds for the local Carnival/Fete.

I have shared some of the photos on my own Facebook page in the past but that didn’t really reach many Crich people, so I decided to create the group in order for people to enjoy the pics and also to see what other people have that I may not have seen before.

Fritchley School carnival float 1974/5
Fritchley School carnival float 1974/5

I am staggered by the response. In 14 days we now have well over 500 members and rising daily.

I have been contacted by people I have not had contact with for years and people I have never met.

I just hope that with the whole lock down thing that it’s given people a bit of enjoyment.”

Pat and Jackie Lester
Pat and Jackie Lester

Pat, born 1959, lived in Crich for a year then moved to Fritchley till 1983 then moved back to Crich.

Both my wife and my own families have been in Crich for generations.

My relations ran the local coal merchants and owned the fruit and veg shop across from the loaf.

Jackie’s parents ran the Rising Sun pub and other relatives had the paper shop (now Jeera) The Black Swan and Harrison’s shop and chip shop at the town end.

Mr Mazza, Ice cream man
Mr Mazza

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