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Coronavirus and CHIKS in Kenya

by Claire Ganthony

CHIKS children

Kenya went into strict Covid-19 lockdown about the same time as UK. The schools are closed, so the youngsters are with their guardians all the time now. The county-borders are closed, resulting in food prices being higher, partly because food isn’t arriving from neighbouring counties. Travel locally, to get pig-feed etc, is restricted.

flooded fields in Aduwa
Flooded fields in Aduwa

Then at the end of April it rained for 9 days and caused severe flooding that has affected a wide area in North-west Kenya and around Lake Victoria. The result of this for our friends and guardians is it has flooded out all their crops, and some of the guardians have had to be evacuated to rented accommodation. The guardians’ group savings have gone on these rents, and on medication as several of them have had malaria because of the increase in mosquitoes. On the positive side, our co-ordinator Elijah’s home and compound is not flooded and the greenhouse, pigs and chickens are safe.

Flooded house
A flooded house

Elijah is coping well with his extra responsibilities, but everything is that much more difficult. He has a strong faith in God who, he says ‘will see us through at this difficult time.’ The CHIKS group are planning the best way to contribute extra money for food and other needs.

So, while we are coping with the difficulties of lockdown here, there they also have these floods to contend with. The guardians are very supportive of each other, like we are here. For the very poor in Kenya there is no help from the government.

If you would like to find out more about the CHIKS project, or how you can help, please visit the main CHIKS page on Crich standard.

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