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Crich Area Covid-19 Mutual Aid Prescription Delivery Service Closing

by Linda Philo

logo for Crich Area Covid 19 Mutual Aid Network

This is to let you know that we will be stopping the prescription delivery service on Friday 10th July 2020. 

The number of requests for deliveries has fallen considerably in the recent weeks. We feel this reflects a number of factors including the gradual lifting of restrictions associated with the lockdown, as the number of people infected has fallen significantly, the resumption of normal opening times at Lloyds, the significant reduction in the sizes of queues - frequently there isn’t a queue at all - and the growing confidence and wish of many people to go out.

We are conscious that there are a few people who will not be venturing out yet; this will be for a number of reasons. We want to ensure that these people are able to get any medicines that they require. If you fall into this category, there are two main options, if you cannot ask friends of neighbours to collect any medicine you need.

They are:

  • Lloyds Pharmacy and South Wingfield both operate a delivery service. There is a limit to how many they can deliver but it is definitely worth contacting them to see if you could be included on the delivery list. The number for Lloyds in Crich is 01773 852351 and for the South Wingfield Surgery 01773 833086
  • A number of companies now run postal delivery systems. They will deliver your prescriptions by post, after you have ordered them on-line, at no extra cost to you. The three main companies involved in this type of service appear to be: (this is run by Lloyds pharmacy)

We are aware of local people who use these services and they talk positively of them.

If you would like to discuss any of these options or have any specific issues, please do not hesitate to contact the Mutual Aid helpline on 01773 447533, and we will endeavour to clarify things and do what we can to sort out an alternative for you, if it is proving difficult to organise a delivery.

We assure you that should, heaven forbid, the need for the prescription delivery service arises again, due to a second wave of Covid 19, we will reinstate the service immediately. 

It has been a pleasure delivering prescriptions over the past 13 weeks. We have been very grateful for the support from Martin Otterwell, from the Derbyshire Fire Service, who has helped with deliveries to addresses outside the parishes and to the staff of Lloyds Pharmacy, Crich, and the dispensary at South Wingfield Surgery. They have done an amazing job under, at times, ridiculous pressure.

The Crich Area Mutual Aid team

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