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Wesleyan Chapel Update

by Claire Ganthony

Crich Wesleyan Chapel

Crich Wesley Chapel is open for its 3pm service every Sunday afternoon. This includes a traditional Methodist service with recorded hymns (which we aren’t allowed to sing out loud at present!) projected onto the screen. There is often a ‘sharing’ time with a dramatized Gospel reading. Refreshments served at the end.

For CHRISTMAS There will be a Carol service on Sunday 20th December at 3pm.

Due to the current Coronavirus guidance and restrictions, Popalong Baby & Toddler group is not meeting at present. We normally meet every Friday in term-time 9.30-11.30am. If you would like to find out more about coming along to this friendly group once we begin to meet again, please contact Lynda Gray on 07890 688021 or by email at

Popalong Babies group is currently meeting by Zoom, and go for walks together. o find out more or book, contact Serena Hancox

Let's Light Up Crich Parish this Christmas!

by Linda Philo

Let's light up Crich Parish this Christmas banner

Things are going to be rather different this year but as usual local people are brimming with ideas to brighten our long winter nights, here are a few:

poster of Christmas activities

Grand Light Up - 5th December

Let’s go to town and decorate the outside of our homes for an extended period this year, we propose a grand light up on 5th December.

Let’s chase the winter night away, break with tradition and keep them on throughout January.

Christmas Wreaths

Christmas wreaths - the more the merrier! Share photos of your creativities with everyone on the Community Facebook pages.

Doorstep Carols poster

Doorstep Carols - 16th December, 6.00 pm

Stop Press: Please note change of Radio Station. Carols can now be heard on Radio Nottingham on 95.1FM. Please tell your neighbours!

We're asking the whole parish to get behind this event to raise some much-needed Christmas cheer this year!

With Fritchley Green and Crich Market Place carol singing cancelled, there's a risk that Christmas 2020 could be very quiet.

So let's all make a noise on our doorsteps on Wednesday, December 16th at 6.00 pm and join our neighbours in singing Christmas carols - staying in household bubbles of course and obeying the restrictions in place.

The carols will be broadcast on Radio Nottingham 95.1 FM to help us all stay in time and carols sheets and simple sheet music are available to download.

We'd love you to help by organising your own street and encouraging friends and neighbours to sing and play along. Click here to see how to get involved.

Nativity scene

Follow The Star - 19th to 24th December

From 19th -24th December look out for the Christmas Journey – Follow the Star! in windows and tableaux around Crich.

Follow the Star as the Three Kings set out to find the Christ-child, from Crich Wesley, along the Common, up Bowns Hill to St Mary’s porch. Centuries before this, his birth was foretold by the prophets (Scout Hut). The Angel Gabriel came to Mary (Bower Close, Jeffries Lane) and to Joseph (Crich Chase).

They had to travel to Bethlehem (Market Place) where a host of angels told a group of shepherds on the hills, and they rushed to find the newborn Christ-child tucked up in an animals’ feeding trough (Market Place).

We would love for you to join in and create your own windows to depict the Star, or an angel, or anything from the Christmas Story! Or perhaps decorate your fences or nearby lampposts with stars.

Pick up a bag containing a guide-booklet and activities from The Telephone Box in the Market Place.


St Mary's Church Carol Service - 20th December

The carol service at St Mary’s on 20th December will be a little different this year and is to be ticketed to ensure we can keep everyone safe. Keep your eyes on this website for information about tickets.

Christmas Eve - 24th December, 6.00pm

On Christmas Eve let’s welcome Santa by ringing bells outside our homes at 6pm. Light a candle in your window and let’s join together to sing Silent Night then watch out for fireworks on The Tors, they should be visible to most of us from our doorsteps or gardens.

If anyone knows of any other local events or have any ideas, please share them with Crich Standard and other social media.

We really hope you enjoy joining in with these activities. Remember to observe social distancing and obey the restrictions in place to keep everyone safe.

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Safe New Year

Christmas Hamper Appeal

by Andrew Auld

Christmas food box image courtesy of the guardian website

St Mary’s Church is going to provide Christmas hampers for some of the local families who have been struggling lately. Donations of special Christmas food and treats can be left in St Mary’s on Sunday mornings and Wednesday afternoons. These will be collected on each of these days. Or they can be left with us at 74 The Common, 01773853722.

If you want to contribute but need donations to be collected please let me know and I will arrive at your doorstep. Otherwise make a financial contribution via the church treasurer BACS sort code: 40-52-40 account no: 00019984 with reference ‘Hampers’.

Let’s pull together and shine light and love into homes who most need it.  And please continue supporting the Community Pantry.

Deirdre (Offord)

Fritchley Chuch to re-open on 2 August

by Linda Philo

Fritchley Congregational Church and Village Hall

Fritchley Church is reopening on Sunday 2nd August at 2.30pm.

It will be a quiet opening with all COVID precautions being followed. Come along and support us. All welcome

Please bring your face covering.

For the Love of Scrubs

by Linda Philo

Sandra Maycock assembling scrubs

Article by Jan Rowland / Photography by Geoff Brown

TV, during lockdown, has featured endless tales of how communities and individuals have pulled together to ease the unexpected difficulties Covid-19 has presented us with. One of these features showed Sandra Maycock from Fritchley telling us about Derbyshire Scrubs: an organisation set up in less than 10 weeks to provide scrubs for whoever needs them in the central Derbyshire area.

materials laid out on a table

On a Thursday morning in mid May I popped into the Fritchley Congregational Chapel to meet Sandra and her friend Sue to see what Derbyshire Scrubs is all about. I was met with rolls of brightly coloured material and tables full of pattern pieces in numerous piles waiting to be matched up and sorted into packs. These would then be sent out to a hundred plus home sewers to be skilfully transformed into scrubs for medical, nursing and care home staff. They were a pleasant change from the blue or green scrubs we usually see and featured all the colours of the rainbow we currently acknowledge as a sign of gratitude to the NHS.

scrubs patterns

Sandra originally became involved through the original organisation called For the Love of Scrubs which first rallied those with sewing skills to provide kit for our overstretched NHS, but shortly afterwards she was asked to take on an organisational role, along with about 10 others, with the newly named Derbyshire Scrubs.

It didn’t just involve recruiting sewers either: there was material to source and it couldn’t just be any old material; it had to weigh between 120 and 150 grams/square metre, had to be 65% polyester 30% cotton and had to be washable at 60 degrees Centigrade. Then a pattern had to be sourced and David Nieper of Alfreton provided this as well as cutting out the first 174 metres of fabric. Then it was time to start cutting out by hand. Tracey, another member of the group and an ex textile employee cut patterns out and it wasn’t long before the group found a Derby couple with their own (currently closed) clothing factory offered to cut the material on an industrial scale.

The cut out pieces then find their way to Fritchley and other hubs via a posse of volunteer drivers (although I suspect Sandra herself has done quite a lot of ferrying to and fro), where the sorting into kits takes place. Added to the pattern pieces are tapes, bindings and labels to be added to the completed scrubs. So far Sandra estimates that around 10 000 metres of material has been and is still being turned into vital clothing for hospital staff.

Sandra assembling scrubs at Fritchley Village Hall

Funding for the whole exercise has come from many sources. Sandra was pleased to receive funding from friends and people in our locality and through Rotary Amber Valley, as well as Trevor Ainsworth of Derbyshire County Council.

People in the group also set up Just Giving pages which all in all raised in the region of £9000. A further £2500 worth of fabric has been donated through Chris Evans and his family’s fundraising efforts through Virgin Radio.

I think if you’d suggested to Sandra 10 weeks ago that she’d be organising the distribution of these sorts of funds and organising the number of individuals that she has, she’d probably have had a good laugh but she admits that it’s been “a great learning curve and I’ve met lots of lovely people on the way” and that the skill mix of volunteers is amazing, even down to a lady with stock control experience creating spreadsheets to show exactly where scrubs are distributed. Maybe a few CEOs might like to copy her style!

thank you card

Sandra has been thrilled to receive a thank you card on behalf of the group from William Tucker, Lord Lieutentant of Derbyshire, which reads:

Dear Sandra

Words cannot adquately express the gratitute I feel when I think about the incredible support and service you have given throughout the COVID-19 CRISIS.

I want to thank you wholeheartedly for all you have contributed.

Please pass my sincere thanks to all those involved with the Derby and Burton 'For the Love of Scrubs' Facebook group.

William Tucker

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