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Rhymes and Lines update

by Andrew Auld

Crich Area Community Arts Sharing Project is trying to collect together your writing to share with the community in print and digitally. ‘Rhymes and Lines’ could be any sort of writing – it doesn’t have to be poetry – try songs, prayers, essays, or what about short stories?

Try the “What if...” approach. Take an episode that happened, nearly happened or could have happened to you, then “What if...” something else had happened and take it from there.

Or try the chemistry experiment approach. Take two unlikely people and mix them together in a controlled environment and what would happen?

Be inspired by what's going on around you –interactions, movements in the natural world in your gardens, out on your walks: a first snowdrop, a buzzard being mobbed by crows, the scent of a fox. There’s also lots going on inside you: strong feelings, distant memories, plans.

Keep within 500 words so be ruthless with your editing and keep to places and types of people you know well.

Send to by end of March.

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