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Chilly Challenge

by Claire Ganthony

homeless person on uk street

Every January in Derbyshire, Scouts hold an event called "Chilly Challenge." In non-lockdown times, our 1st Crich Scouts would hike to a camp site and camp for a cold weekend, sometimes under canvas and sometimes in an equally cold hut.

The regular Scout campsites are all unavailable for camping this year in January (due to COVID-19) so the members of our local Scout group will be completing their Chilly Challenge weekend at home this year. It will all be happening next weekend 30 to 31 January 2021!

As the Scout leaders planned the weekend with the youngsters, one of the young people suggested that we get their friends and families to sponsor them, not for Scout funds but for the homeless. The rest of the members thought this was a great idea. These young folk really want to make a difference!

Bill Caine, one of our Scout leaders, has set up a Go Fund Me page for the charity Crisis. It's a charity well known for its work in supporting homeless people.

Please support our local youngsters as they make a difference to the lives of homeless people. They would be so encouraged if they reach the set goal of £500!

If you would please visit the Go Fund Me page and donate a small amount in support of for our 1st Crich Scouts in their "Chilly Challenge" weekend, we would be very grateful.

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