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Local arts group puts on second Community Art Sharing following encouraging people to write during lockdown

by Linda Philo

poster advertising the Lines and Rhymes sharing

Art Share Crich, formed in 2020 to encourage everyday creativity for people who live and work in the Crich Area has been encouraging people to turn their hand to writing this spring.

Following on from the huge success of the Autumn Community Art Sharing, held at The Glebe Centre in Crich last October, the group have created the Rhymes and Lines project to give people an outlet for writing about subjects that matter the them and in turn, sharing these with the local community.

Clare Limb from Art Share Crich has been collating the poems throughout the Spring says ‘it has been truly inspiring to read all the poems and stories sent to me from a wide range of contributors from the Crich Area. These include children from Crich Junior School and members and volunteers from the Crich Luncheon Club, who have had inspirational poetry readings online from Martyn Offord as well as reading their own poems to each other’.

Submissions include a poem about a pig that flies, an introduction to a gothic story and a poem about the effects of coronavirus on the community.

The sharing will take place between 14  -  16 May In the windows of The Old Black Swan pub on Bowns Hill, Crich.

Art Share Crich would like to express their thanks to everyone who has supported the project in the Crich Area, and a special thank you which goes to Rachel and Steve Palin from The Old Black Swan, who kindly agreed to host the sharing prior to the pub opening on 20th May.

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