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Meal delivery service draws to a close

by Geoff Brown

Dawn Harper with the volunteer drivers for the meal delivery service

At the start of the first Covid lockdown Dawn Harper, a professional caterer from Fritchley, started preparing hot meals for some of the more vulnerable people in the parish. These included members of the Luncheon Club who could no longer meet at the Glebe and others who were having to isolate due to health issues which could have exacerbated the impact of the Covid virus. During the busiest period she was cooking over 30 hot two-course meals a day. These were willingly delivered to the homes of the recipients by a team of volunteer drivers, ably coordinated by Cathy Bowness. The volunteers had originally come forward through the Crich Area Covid 19 Mutual Aid initiative.

Nearly 18 months on as the restrictions lift, she has still been providing meals twice weekly for a small group of older people who are largely housebound and/or living alone. A magnificent effort carried out quietly and efficiently by a dedicated group of people. But she has now decided to stop the service and focus on other ventures.

To celebrate, and by way of a busman’s holiday, Dawn once again went into catering mode and hosted a barbeque for the drivers and their partners. This was hugely appreciated by all and allowed a long awaited social where several of the volunteers were able to meet each other for the first time!

Dawn can be seen second from the left, with Cathy on the far right of the picture.


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