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Appeal to support summer activities for children

by Andrew Auld

Summer Holiday Activities

From Crich Patients Participation Group

Dear friend,

I am writing to you to ask for your help in financing a local project in Crich and the surrounding villages which seeks to address the issues for children arising from the current pandemic. A small group of us as part of Crich Patient Participation Group have organised a programme of activities for children over the summer holiday.

The idea grew from discussions in the Mutual Aid 19 Support Group that some of us were members of. In essence, it was noted that although quite a lot had been organised, both locally and nationally, to support adults, and particularly those with specific health vulnerabilities, not much had been put in place for children and young people. This was despite the clear acknowledgment that the pandemic and the associated lockdown was having a detrimental impact upon a disturbingly large number of children’s emotional and physical well-being. This was really brought home to me when two parents of children at a local school said that their five year olds were showing signs of depression.

We had a quick check and could not find anything organised in the local area for children and young people during the summer. In light of this, we have been working to bring together a programme of activities. Our hard work over the last 3 weeks has resulted in the following activities ready to go:

  • gymnastics
  • rise and shine groups
  • story telling
  • healthy eating picnics 
  • gardening and Forest School activities
  • a boot camp

Read more here:

We hope that the centrepiece of the programme will be two weeks of Holiday Camps, organised by Premier Education, of sport, physical and creative activities. Premier Education is a national organisation who work with many of the local schools and I am aware are highly regarded. I am delighted to say they have agreed to run the two weeks “at cost”. We were really thrilled when the Glebe Community Field Centre agreed to host the Holiday Camps for four days per week. I have provisionally booked The Briars Educational Centre for the two days that The Glebe was unable to accommodate the camps.

Our major focus now is trying to secure funding to meet the costs of the programme. We have submitted bids to a number of sources but because our project has been developed at great speed some of these are not open to us. We are seeking donations from local people and businesses who have the flexibility to authorise a donation at speed as the programme begins on 10th August.

We are clear that these activities are open to all the children and young people in the area served by the Medical Practice and we would love to be able to reach vulnerable children.

Anything you can do to assist us will be incredibly gratefully received and we will ensure you are acknowledged in our media communications. As you can appreciate our timescales require a very short turn around so I would be very grateful if you could contact us by the end of this week.

Email Corinne Clemson for bank details of the Crich Patients Participation Group to make a donation.

You can read more details in this earlier post.

Children's Summer Holiday Activities

by Linda Philo

Poster advertising summer activities

We are very pleased to announce that Crich Patients’ Participation Group in partnership with Premier Education and other providers are looking to host Summer Holiday Activities for children in Crich and the surrounding areas.

At present this is only an idea, and we are looking at accessing funding to make it more financially viable for parents. Whether the activities will run or not is dependent on whether we can access the funding and sufficient interest from parents.

We are very aware of the impact Covid19 and the school closures have had on many children, and feel that this provides a great opportunity for children to engage with other children and increase their confidence, social skills, fitness and general wellbeing before they return to school in September.

Although most of the activities will be held in Crich we are eager to welcome children from surrounding villages; for example, South Wingfield, Fritchley, Whatstandwell, Lea, Holloway and Dethick.

In addition to the Holiday Club being hosted by Premier Education there will also be some ad hoc activities for families during these weeks which will include things like sports, games, story telling, gardening, forest schools and more.

Confirmation of activities, days and times will be announced here on the Crich Standard website and Facebook page as soon as we have them so please keep checking back.

Premier Education logo

Premier Education Holiday Club

The Premier Education holiday club will run during the weeks commencing 17th and 24th August. The club will be held in Crich at the Glebe Field Centre. It will run from 9.00 – 3.30 Monday to Friday and will be open to children aged 5 – 13 (Years 1 – 8).

If we are successful in accessing funding then the cost of the club will be £5 PER FAMILY per day or £20 for the entire week. This effectively means for families with more than one child, that after the first child all siblings are completely free.

The holiday club will not be solely sport focused with opportunities to take part in dance and drama, art and crafts, games and much more.

It will operate on a ‘bubble’ basis as schools have done, on lower coach:child ratios than normal (1:15). Bubbles will be organised each week and children will be grouped based on ages.

As it will be operating on a bubble basis, once a bubble has been created and reached its capacity of 15 children they cannot introduce new children to the bubble for health and safety reasons. Therefore we will require children to attend a minimum of 3 days in any one week. Though there is no requirement to attend both weeks, children are of course more than welcome to attend both weeks.

As the holiday club is only a proposal at this stage we are very much looking for feedback from parents who would access this opportunity for their children so that we can get an idea of viability. If you would be interested in your child(ren) attending this please register your expression of interest by emailing James Jennison on the contact email below. When doing so please include the number of children, age of child(ren) and number of days you would like your child(ren) to attend.

If you have any further questions about this please don’t hesitate to contact James on the email address below.

James Jennison, Premier Education

But we will be carrying on supporting our neighbours

by Linda Philo

Crich Area Covid19 Mutual Aid Logo

by Andrew Auld

The past three months have turned our world upside down. However, in this small corner of the world, these parishes of Crich and South Wingfield in which we live have really risen to the challenges that this upheaval has thrown at us.

When people and organisations came together to form Crich Area Mutual Aid, and when residents stepped forward to volunteer in such mass numbers (200+ of you!) it really felt like we were going to make it through the uncertain and difficult times that lay ahead.

Together, we have:

  • answered over 650 Helpline calls
  • delivered over 500 prescriptions
  • made and delivered over 1000 meals
  • walked hundreds of miles in supermarkets and local shops to buy food and supplies for shielding and self-isolating people
  • supported Crich Careline in the vital work they do and made many calls to isolated people to have a supportive and cheering chat
  • written thousands of words on websites and on social media to keep people informed
  • supported the activities of local businesses as they adapted their services
  • set up four community pantries to provide vital supplies for families in need
  • established a brand new Digital Friends project, attracting significant grant funding, to help connect people who haven't used technology in this way before
  • done so much to keep our neighbours, friends and families safe and well

This work has not gone unnoticed. Crich Parish Council (who kindly funded the helpline) has written to thank all of the volunteers for the hard work they have done.

We have also received a very special thank you from the Lord Lieutenant of Derbyshire in recognition of the work being done across our communities.

Winding down, but not winding up

As more and more people are emerging from lockdown and many aspects of normal life are re-establised, the time has come for us to reduce the support provided by the Mutual Aid volunteers. We are receiving fewer and fewer calls to the helpline and the normal routes to accessing prescriptions and supplies are available again and no longer overwhelmed.

The prescriptions delivery service will be ceasing on Friday 10 July. Read this article for full details and for information about alternative provision.

The Mutual Aid Helpline will be continuing for now, but we will be looking at how to change its purpose and how it is supported in the next few weeks.

What is important is that people know that the community are not disappearing just because the services are reverting to normal.

The Mutual Aid group will monitor the national and local situation closely over the coming months and we are ready to re-introduce any of the services we have been offering if they become necessary again.

I can't tell you how many emails and messages of thanks we have had from extremely grateful residents...just the knowledge that there were people out there willing to help was such a support for people.

It is also worth saying, that as we come out of this phase of the pandemic, there will be other needs for people to step forward and get involved to support the community or join a community organisation. So don't put your hand down just yet!

Crich Area Covid-19 Mutual Aid Prescription Delivery Service Closing

by Linda Philo

logo for Crich Area Covid 19 Mutual Aid Network

This is to let you know that we will be stopping the prescription delivery service on Friday 10th July 2020. 

The number of requests for deliveries has fallen considerably in the recent weeks. We feel this reflects a number of factors including the gradual lifting of restrictions associated with the lockdown, as the number of people infected has fallen significantly, the resumption of normal opening times at Lloyds, the significant reduction in the sizes of queues - frequently there isn’t a queue at all - and the growing confidence and wish of many people to go out.

We are conscious that there are a few people who will not be venturing out yet; this will be for a number of reasons. We want to ensure that these people are able to get any medicines that they require. If you fall into this category, there are two main options, if you cannot ask friends of neighbours to collect any medicine you need.

They are:

  • Lloyds Pharmacy and South Wingfield both operate a delivery service. There is a limit to how many they can deliver but it is definitely worth contacting them to see if you could be included on the delivery list. The number for Lloyds in Crich is 01773 852351 and for the South Wingfield Surgery 01773 833086
  • A number of companies now run postal delivery systems. They will deliver your prescriptions by post, after you have ordered them on-line, at no extra cost to you. The three main companies involved in this type of service appear to be: (this is run by Lloyds pharmacy)

We are aware of local people who use these services and they talk positively of them.

If you would like to discuss any of these options or have any specific issues, please do not hesitate to contact the Mutual Aid helpline on 01773 447533, and we will endeavour to clarify things and do what we can to sort out an alternative for you, if it is proving difficult to organise a delivery.

We assure you that should, heaven forbid, the need for the prescription delivery service arises again, due to a second wave of Covid 19, we will reinstate the service immediately. 

It has been a pleasure delivering prescriptions over the past 13 weeks. We have been very grateful for the support from Martin Otterwell, from the Derbyshire Fire Service, who has helped with deliveries to addresses outside the parishes and to the staff of Lloyds Pharmacy, Crich, and the dispensary at South Wingfield Surgery. They have done an amazing job under, at times, ridiculous pressure.

The Crich Area Mutual Aid team

Free Gentle Yoga DVDs available to the community

by Linda Philo

Gentle Yoga class

We are aware that some people do not have access to the internet and so have been unable to see the splendid series of short videos made by Bev Lomax who in “normal times" runs the weekly Gentle Yoga sessions for Crich Area Dementia Friends.

As we know of the importance for everyone to maintain their mobility and stability during the current restrictions, we have made a DVD of all the sessions which will be distributed to the regular attendees of the Gentle Yoga sessions and others in the community. Not only are the various activities great for people’s physical well-being but they are a wonderful way of reducing stress.

We are most grateful to Councillor David Taylor, the County Councillor for Crich and surrounding communities, who has generously agreed to fund the production of the DVD through the County Council’s Community Leadership Scheme. 

If you or someone you know would like a copy of the DVD please contact Frances James on 01773 852692

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