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100 Things about Crich Parish

  1. Hostelries. There used to be 7 pubs in the Parish. [Possibly many more! 11 Inns & hostelries and 13 beerhouses apparently listed in a directory from 1846. 18 listed in a Silver Jubilee publication in 1977, of which 9 were still open then!]
  2. TV Filming Location. They filmed the television programme Peak Practice in the Parish between the years of 1993 and 2002. Images of the village also appear in the 2007 film And When Did You Last See Your Father? starring Colin Firth. In the film Firth is seen riding a motorbike up Chapel Lane.
  3. It has its own ‘monumental’ running challenge. The Crich Monument Run is an annual trail running event that is 11.3k and 1000 feet of climb. 
  4. The Parish spans an elevation of 663 feet. From Whatstandwell at 337 feet above sea level to the Crich Stand which ‘stands’ at 1000ft.
  5. The Glebe Field Centre was opened in 1997 by the Duchess of Devonshire.
  6. Crich Medical Centre was opened in 2011 by Dr Malcolm Ward. It saw the closure of two separate practices on Dimple Lane and bulling Lane, now both private houses.
  7. Crich supported an abattoir for many years, on the site of what is now Woodside.
  8. Ambergate reservoir (at Chadwick Nick) was reconstructed and finished in 2018. It is said to be the second largest covered reservoir in Europe. It receives water from reservoirs in North Derbyshire and is entirely gravity fed.
  9. Crich has had a beacon for centuries. The current one was commissioned by Crich Parish Council and first lit in June 2002 to celebrate the Queen Elizabeth’s golden jubilee.
  10. The Tors Spring housing development stands on the site of the Tors Spring factory, which made various types of spring and moved from the site in 1999.
  11. The Hollies, now a private house on the Market Place, was once a NatWest Bank.
  12. The population at the 2001 Census was 2,821 increasing to 2,898 at the 2011 Census. The 2021 statistics will be released between March and April 2022.
  13. Crich Fruit Squares
  14. Pillar Box Royal Cyphers - there are 4 different monarchs represented on the Crich Parish post boxes.
  15. and on and on...email us with your thoughts about what should be on our list.

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