Play area in Crich Recreation Ground by Paul Yorke

Local organisations

List of local organisations with links either to sub pages or their own websites.

Local community organisations and groups

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  • Active Crich for Everyone

    Group of people doing yoga tree pose

    More ways to have fun and discover the great community activities we have in the village. Find out more about Active Crich for Everyone on their Facebook page

  • Art Share Crich

    Clare Limb with some of the Community Art Sharing displays

    Encouraging the everyday creativity of people who live and/or work in the Crich Area for the purposes of individual and collective wellbeing.

    Find out more

  • Crich Environment Group

    poster with detail of Crich Environment Group

    Finding ways to live more sustainably together to care for the environment and community of the Crich area. 

    Find out more here

  • Crich Heritage

    Market place troughs

    A group formed to conserve and maintain the heritage of Crich Parish. Read more on their website here.

  • Crich Parish Council

    Crich sign post

    Crich Parish Council provides your local services in Crich, Fritchley, Whatstandwell and surrounding areas in Crich Parish. For more information call: 01773 853928

  • Crich Patient Participation Group


    PPG is open to all patients of the Crich practices to find out how services to you can be improved. For more information visit their website

  • Crich Village Fête

    Picture of the village fete

    An annual fête of fun in the beautiful village of Crich! Check out their latest plans and photos on their Facebook page.

  • Crich Standard

    Bringing you news and events information from Crich Parish as well as a quarterly magazine full of feature articles. Read about Crich Standard here.

  • Fritchley Community Association

    Windmill above Fritchley

    Providing information and community news about the village of Fritchley. Read more on their Facebook page.

  • Fritchley Village Hall

    Picture of Fritchley Village Hall

    Find out the latest news about saving Fritchley Village Hall on their Facebook page

  • Glebe Field Centre

    Picture of Crich Glebe Field Centre

    Crich Glebe Field Centre provides a fine venue for a wide range of events for the local community, and for public, private and corporate functions. See their website for more information.

  • Crich Well Dressings

    Image of 2018 Well Dressings in Crich Market Place

    Crich Parish Well-Dressing Team co-ordinate and organise well dressings which are displayed around Crich Parish in July each year.

Latest news from local organisations

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Upcoming events involving local organisations

Crich Village Fete

Crich Village Fete

Sat Aug 28 13:00:00 2021

The Fete Committee have decided to delay the fete by a few weeks to Saturday 28th August, the bank holiday weekend.

The original planned date of 17th July was less than four weeks after the proposed full easing of Covid restrictions and would have been vulnerable to any slippage in the government timetables.

The August date provides a little more certainty but is still dependent on them getting the required permissions, insurances and licenses. While it is a firm plan, there could still be requirements in place which will make it difficult!

Further details will be provided as soon as possible, so keep an eye on their Facebook page for updates!


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