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Valerie Thorpe

Cllr Valerie Thorpe with her award
Cllr. Valerie Thorpe with her award

This year’s Community Award was presented to Councillor Valerie Thorpe at the start of the October Parish Council Meeting. The plaque was presented to her by CACN editor Peter Patilla accompanied by committee members Brian Gibbons and Roger Phipp.

She was a very popular choice as Valerie Thorpe works untiringly for our community, far beyond the remit of her role as councillor.

To all the wonderful staff and readers of CACN.

It was a total shock when Peter, Brian and Roger came to the Parish Council tonight and talked about their community award, the shock was genuine when they gave it to me. I was very humbled and honoured .

Anyone who knows me, realises I do this because I LOVE my areas and the people who live in them. I was not blessed with children or siblings, you have all become my family. I simply never say no to any request. I always try to get the problem solved, whatever it might be – council, housing, planning, whatever.

I have been on the borough sixteen years and probably with Crich Parish Council a similar time too. I simply see all this as part of my duty to you all.

So please sincerely thank your staff and readers for the great honour which as I say I am humble to accept.

Best wishes, Valerie (Cllr Thorpe)

If you consider someone worthy of receiving the Community Award because their voluntary activities in the parish, please let us have your suggestion.