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Crich Parish Weather
  • Amber Rock Development - New Residents' Group Formed

    08 April 2021 Amber Rock Development - New Residents' Group Formed

    A new group called Residents Opposed to Amber Rock (ROAR) has been formed to develop and coordinate points being made by people concerned about the development.

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  • Easter Journey

    01 April 2021 Easter Journey

    Take time this Holy Week to go round the Easter Journey trail with its 8 stopping places. It’s a creative way of seeing and reading the Easter Story.

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  • Local primary school help spread positivity in lockdown!

    29 March 2021 Local primary school help spread positivity in lockdown!

    Children at Fritchley Primary School have had a wonderful idea to help spread positivity and joy to those who may be feeling lonely and disconnected during these isolating times.

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  • Crich Easter Journey

    22 March 2021 Crich Easter Journey

    Come and visit the Easter Story - in gardens and windows around Crich!

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  • Dawn's Meals

    15 March 2021 Dawn's Meals

    Many of you will have heard about Dawn Harper’s mammoth efforts to provide good, wholesome food for isolated people in our community throughout the pandemic.  This still continues.

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